Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Welcome to Aquaponics and You

Welcome to Aquaponics

Aquaponics- commercial aquaponics
The idea Aquaponics- commercial aquaponics
Welcome to Aquaponics and You, the place to come to learn all about the amazing science of aquaponics. If you are new to aquaponics, here are 5 reasons why having an aquaponics garden is a good idea, just to help you decide if aquaponics is right for you.
Aquaponics is a cost-effective method of gardening. Once established, there are few ongoing costs and very little by way of time commitment. You don’t need any special tools or fertilizers or mulches. There is no time-consuming digging, weeding or watering. All you need are a fish tank, netting pots for the plants, a couple of pumps and plastic tubing for reticulating the water. Fish food and replacement plants are the main expenses once you’ve got all the gear for the aquaponics system. A few minutes for daily maintenance is all the time you need to make it work. An aquaponics system is simple and easy to run. You don’t need any special skills to get it set up or to make it work for you. Once you understand the science behind it and have it all set up, it virtually runs itself in a closed system. It can be located anywhere in your yard or inside your house, as long as there is sufficient light and some protection from the weather. You can produce a wide variety of food in a small space, with very little effort. Many different vegetables and herbs can be grown in an aquaponics garden, providing you with fresh organic produce for your table. No more carrying home weeks-old produce from the supermarket; just go out to your aquaponics garden and pick what you need for dinner. The aquaponics fish you keep in your system can be ornamental or grown for food, giving you the added opportunity to have access to the freshest, cleanest fish available. This combination provides one of the most nutritious meals there is. Having an aquaponics garden will save you money because you will be producing some of your food at home. Most people find that they have paid for their initial investment in the system in a year and after that, your home-grown produce is almost free. The food you grow in an aquaponics garden is truly organic and therefore high in nutritional properties. No chemicals are needed in this type of garden and so the food you grow is completely free of toxic substances. Scientific research has shown that organically-grown food contains much higher levels of vitamins and minerals than food grown using chemicals. The food you grow will be as healthy as it gets. Hopefully these 5 reasons for having an aquaponics garden will have helped you understand the wonderful advantages of growing your own food at home with this simple system.